The caring earth, our mother,

Out of love she gave unto us her all,

She gave unmeasured of her treasures,

She gave willingly of her life juices, she gave her blood,

For our sustenance she gave chunks of her core.


We called them different names, her gifts,

“Gold, silver, oil,

Coal, diamond, water, wood, platinum, air…,

Natural resources, gaseous, liquid and ore.”

We took all she gave, with little gratitude

We took for use, unregulated, we took for waste,

And when lovingly she gave, even in labored grace,

Like arrogant little Oliver Twists, we demanded for more.


In our wanton consumption we forgot,

That her stores were not infinite,

Until a day came and we asked as usual,

To douse our thirst, of clean water, victual for our bellies,

But alas, her larder stood empty,

After ages of taking, finally plundered to a finish.

Given time, maybe she would still have come through,

But in our impatience, our hunger fed on her innards,

And finally extinguished her life force!


The caring earth, our mother

There she lies in repose, eyes closed, and finally at peace,

Choked to death, of our selfish grabbing hands,

As we unrepentant children of gross consumption,

Argue on how best to share her battered corpse.


Inspired by the picture from my friend Amity.

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2 thoughts on “WE KILLED OUR MOTHER

  1. I love this piece so much because
    I am earth’s seed
    I hear her wail
    I feel her pain,
    Human’s gain
    Ungrateful children,
    killing their mother
    Painful slow death
    Killing all that is within their reach,
    Even their own.
    Hypocrites preaching world peace
    Leaving nature in pieces.

    Nice one spiritman .

  2. Good clapback Amity. One really hopes and wishes we learnt to use the Earth’s resources in a more sustainable manner. May we learn the lessons before it is too late…

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