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Month: October 2017


Photo Credit - Google What do you do when you’re angry? A lot of people waste their anger. Yes, you’d be shocked that even anger itself is a thing that can be wasted. I’m willing to bet that someone has told you at one time or the other that anger is a base emotion, useless for naught or that it is just a destructive force to be avoided at all cost. Lies. Look around you on social media, what you find everywhere are snide remarks and clap backs, rants, subs and trailer jams. A More...


Photo credit - Google Dear Firebrand Evangelist, Your commitment to this cause of yours is admirable. I mean, at least four posts every blessed day on the same subject is worthy of praise, especially when each post is well garnished with boulders of wisdom which I'm sure you painstakingly spend hours researching, charges and adulation for fellow believers who see nothing but light in every dot of sage ink you drop, and hair-raising invectives for any unfortunate who dares to ask a question, More...


Photo Credits - Google It is hard, Ignoring her promises of bliss, Delivered minute by minute as it is, In the most enticing of voices, Flirtatiously and seductively erotic. Her juice laden fingers, They beckon repeatedly, Teasing in your intimate places, Painting pictures of milk and honey, Of comforts eyes have never seen. It is hard, Closing your mind to her catchy calls, Repeatedly guarding your heart, From the reach of her enticing bosom, But you know you have to try. The More...


Photo Credit - Google For some time I will tarry by your side. Together will sit in the sand, cross-legged on the breezy beach in our long white robes, sharing the warmth of a crackling fire and gazing into the dancing flames, our gentle conversation occasionally interrupted by bouts of raucous laughter and outlandish back slapping under the waving fronds of fruit-laden Coconut trees. We will live this night as if tomorrow is an unborn dream, staying up until the stars make their appearance More...


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When you harbor fear,
The kind that you dare not share,
It soon eats up your insides,
And leaves your soul an empty shell,
But the world sees only your plastic smile,
And nobody understands.


When the chaos of Lagos life gets to you, Sometimes the only remedy is to find a hole to crawl into... Somewhere beneath God’s blue sky, On a lovely stretch of sun-bleached sand, Caught between the Lagos Lagoon and the Atlantic, A hideaway, snug as can be, Somewhere quiet, Where the bustle of traffic is so alien, That the cacophonous voices resident in your head, Are summarily awed into silence, Somewhere serene, Where the sky and the sea jubilantly meet as friends, Where More...


We were girls and boys, Innocents, men, and women, Old school, middle-aged and young, Scrawny and rotund, We were neighbors, Caught in the same struggles, Chasing the same hustle, Till ‘they’ skulked in, With their indiscriminate name calling, Filthy fingers a-pointing, And their politics of promises. We were one, Till ‘they’ taught us discord, Egged us to doubt our historical bonds, And brewed into our thoughts, Hatred disguised as a quest for freedom, We were a nation, More...

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